God’s rescue mission, of love

Love Came Down at Christmas

Coffee in hand I settled down to the laptop at about 0830 this morning to finish off my talk to the 80+ people coming for Christmas lunch at Church today

I had already decided to speak on John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son the whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”

And had taken the title “Love came down at Christmas”, by Christina Rossetti, as the theme.

I was disturbed by an ear piercing shrieking – clearly an animal in terror. I checked for Eddie – and for the scary Rottweiler next door – all ok.

Eventually I saw a glint of a distressed animal at the corner of the garden… so I opened both the gates in the hope that it would free itself.

However, when that didn’t work, on closer inspection, I discovered that a young deer had pushed its head through the fencing. Because it had started to grow its antlers it couldn’t pull its head back.
It was petrified – and the more it yanked on its head, the more it got stuck.

Armed with a thick gardening glove, wire cutters, and a hacksaw, I worked away at the fence. The animal was distressed and clearly it assumed that I was there to harm it and not to help.

Eventually the deer calmed down a bit and let me proceed – one antler first, then, carefully, the other.

The instant both were released it shot off, apparently grateful.

It was a bit traumatic (for me!). But the end result was worth it.

Christmas can be hard. Did love really come down at Christmas? Why yes, He will be called Jesus, which means “Saviour”. That’s why Easter was harder. Like the Deer, we too are trapped in sin and guilt, and all efforts to free ourselves make the situation worse. And, at first sight, our rescuer doesn’t seem to be coming in love… Why so gory? Why so painful?

But this is love: the investment paid to free the entrapped. Yes indeed, love came down at Christmas.

I hope that the world will recognise it and be freed by our loving rescuer.….

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