WH December 2014 shoot-59This is the personal website of Simon Vibert.  The purpose of this website is to put together teaching and sermon resources which I have written/spoken for free download.  They are no where near as vast, incisive or extensive as Simeon, but, they are modest resources for a modern age!  My blog is linked with this site and includes comment on contemporary issues, my travel, Christian responses to the “The Shack”, Rob Bell, X Factor and Robbie Williams, Wycliffe Hall, thoughts on Preaching new post on recent challenges in Church of England Theological Training, please see: http://metamorphe.wordpress.com/ etc.

This site is intended to help you understand why I see Jesus as the greatest hope for this world and the next. This is spelled out in this simple booklet “Longing for Paradise” (if you would like a hard copy, please contact me using the form below). Sermon on this theme may be found here  .

Also, please see this 1 minute clip on my life verse

“For me to live is Christ, to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21)

We preach, not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. (2 Corinthians 4:5).  What a great verse!  I love it because it does just what Charles Simeon longed to do whenever he entered the pulpit: “To humble the penitent, to exalt the Saviour and to promote holiness.”  Simeon is best known for his long service in the University Church, Holy Trinity Cambridge.  When he died in 1836, he had written 12,536 skeletal outlines of expository sermons preached from the Bible.  If there was a secret to his ongoing influence among younger preachers, it was surely this life conviction about the purpose of preaching.

I spent 10 years teaching Homiletics (Preaching) and Leadership and was Vice Principal at Wycliffe Hall, an Evangelical theological college which is part of the University of Oxford.  See “what tools should new preachers invest in“.

Since September 2017 I have been Vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water in Surrey, England (10 miles west of London’s Heathrow airport).

Christ Church is a vibrant, multi national, Anglican Church, which has benefited from good evangelical ministry of many decades. I have appreciated the opportunity to spend time getting to know the congregation (“tea with the vicar”) and being in the pulpit regularly expound God’s word.

Further details about the Church may be found here

Recent YouTube talks and resources https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNy_iHAxEDM0UzU1piitiBg

New stuff

“On a swing and a prayer – the Tennis Season is upon us!”

Like many people I get glued to the TV at this part of the Summer – so much good tennis to watch!

I also like to play tennis at my local club

So many good conversations arise as a result – about motivation, discipline, striving for excellence, living with failure, finding good models to aspire to, and so on.

8 minute YouTube which I gave to Trans World Radio talking about making the most of Wimbledon Tennis conversations https://youtu.be/TtHNx7Ocv7M

In 2022 we have been using this leaflet to help the conversation about God and Tennis. It is free to download, or, for the cost of P&P we can send copies to you if you make contact.

Stress and Ambition – sermon on Philippians 1:21 (21.03.2021)

Serving God in our free time, talk for Royal Holloway Students, May 2020

Akeel Sachak and family attend Christ Church Virginia Water. Akeel is the Global Head of Investment Banking at Rothschild & Co. He has also been used in lots of great evangelistic opportunities in the City and around the world. At a recent zoom breakfast, he spoke about “What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Study Notes to Accompany Sermons in Revelation 1-4

This sermon series is trying to answer the question: what does the Church look like in 2020, particularly as we emerge from lock-down following the outbreak of #covid19 #coronovirus. How may we be committed, connected and worshipping the true and living God, even while socially distant. Sunday and Wednesday studies help answer some of these questions.

Study Notes to Accompany Sermons in James

Setting a Bible Reading goal for 2020: https://metamorphe.wordpress.com/?fbclid=IwAR1FNu6ZbhLNKjLfxRQxwWTBiLRCHWgYnzeTHi61nDsc9x-Z1RhVW_4NUas

Recently published book on the challenge to live as a Christian in the 21st Century entitled “The Perpetual Battle, against The World, the Flesh, and the Devil” – published March 2018.  Available from Christian Focus here. 8 x 10 minute talks on this topic here

Perpetual Battle_Alt 2.2

Recently published

  • How to be a generous, hopeful, and loving Church, which affirms the welcome implied in the Gospel, and calls all Church members to a life of God-focussed, God-directed, Holiness. Briefing document written for the Bishop of Guildford, Guildford DEF Guidelines for LGBT_SVibert
  • Study day Powerpoint Slides Preaching the Gospel from the Gospels
  • Till Death us do Part. The Solemnization of Matrimony in the Book of Common Prayer. Latimer Trust, 2014. See here for Latimer Trust
  • The Path to Peace.IVP, 2014; reviews and purchase available UK here; USA herePowerPoint slidesHandout including Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale measurement of “Life Change Units”; web-broadcast here
  • Sample Sermon (preached at St Leonard’s Eynsham, 20th Nov 2011) with audio and preacher’s notes to show working.
  • John 18-19 at Adam Road Presbyterian Church in Singapore “Jesus Betrayed”  and “From Doubt to Faith” in John 20:24-31
  • Men’s Breakfast Talk on “21st Century Preaching – is preaching out of date?” at Christchurch Virginia Water.
  • Our new Prospectus. Details of 2016 Preaching Conference “Preaching the Gospel of Grace”with Michael Horton, Simon Vibert and others.
  • Talk on Matthew 18 given to CBSi group at Christ Church, Virginia Water with audio and video via CBSi vimeo website.

Other books and related resources


Stress. The Path to Peace, IVP, published 2011

web interview and review and order details here

2 part article on “Stress” – Stress Feature – Part 1 Stress Feature – Part 2


 Excellence in Preaching, published 2011

Audio interview with Scott Oakland.

To order in the USA and the UK


Lives Jesus Changed

Lives Jesus Changed, Christian Focus, published January 2010

Commendations from Jonathan Fletcher, Greg Scharf and Paul Wells.

4  talks on themes from John’s    Gospel 1. Characters Make Stories  2. Disciples: Seeing Jesus’ Glory 3. Nicodemus: A Religious Conservative is Challenged 4. Woman of Samaria: A Questioning Woman is Transformed

4 short video interviews on John’s Gospel.

Published in Anvil Spring 2009 Lives Jesus Changed.



The Diamond Marriage, Christian Focus, published 2004.

Christian Focus website

Free 6-week course outline for running The Diamond Marriage

Vibert_Marriage Course booklet

Other publications may be viewed here

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